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The Iconic Web Domain
is now

Email expression of interest and reasonable offer to

Terms: Paypal for both our protection. Successful bidder will need to have or create a Uniregistry Account so we can push the web name to your ownership

How Much?
You can build an entire business on this premium web property while promoting your Australian Region in Traralgon and it is probably worth more than ten thousand dollars though make me any reasonable offer and I will see what I can do

Our Appeal to Traralgon Local Business

Digital Town USA have been sending me emails trying to purchase from my Australian Portfolio and if I have to sell this Web Name I would rather it stay in Australian Ownership however

If just One Single Supporting Local Business in Traralgon buy's our $50 p/a Membership that that gives you amazing advertising services and promotes you and your Australian region I can take this webname off the market and your Local Business will go on the front page

Please try to stop sending all your Advertising Dollar (Billions flowing out of our country from those who blindly swear they support Australia) to American owned Companies. Please do support your Australian Regional Website

List Your Business
it is a Win Win
At least create your FREE Ad

Its not Pay per Click or Pay per view, we dont sell the top spot to the highest bidder. Simply those who support this Australian service longest get the top spots. We aim to provide value and send you customers.The memberships give you permanent SEO enabled Ads 365 days a year in any region and unlocks features and Member Ads retain a higher position in your category and Member Articles can post to the Business Categories, This gives you a Content Platform for you to Share with Credibility back to Social Media, not to mention the Backlinking, as my friend described it, "You have created a Virtual Business Playground, now people just have to understand it"

If 3 or more Local Businesss in Traralgon will kindly support us my family will be weathering this current crazy Covid 19 storm and we can keep working to build this service for you

Our Unique Ads, Articles and Events work in hand with American Owned Facebook and Google and Bing and Duck Duck Go and the others they are very flexible and inexpensive and a great way to showcase your business to the region. You can also create Events and Articles. If you want your issue to be more than a fleeting climpse build your content here first and THEN share it to Social Media, for FREE. get it?

Actually the above link, I just gave you the most incredible gift. later on go and study that. It can change your and your family's life more than you ever dream and I just gave it to you for free


Do Watch Dick Smith's Video

While you listen to Dick's Video and his talking about Mudgee may we let you know we developed the website MUDGEE.TOWN We built this for you guy's yet despite our invitations do you think a single Accommodation business in Mudgee has bothered to list?, This is not just affecting the Accommodation Businesses. Americans are Dominating and they dont need to because it is up to us, Australians are NOT listening to Dick.. and he is a really very smart man..

Traralgon Local Business, Please Log in and list your business with our Australian Owned Service

No he is not there

I actually tried contacting Dick three times over the years to see if I could get his support on this though that is ok I understand he is really busy.. Today my family is having a hard time during the current event, I have kids to support and we are hitting the basement on funds I get NO Government Help (I did ask and found they are hopeless) and TRARALGON.CITY is now on the market yet I promise if even ONE Single Supporting Local Business lists from Traralgon I will take this off the market, put your Business on the Front Page and you can save this part of the Australian Regional Network from Liquidation and I will get on with simply improving this service Every Day

Everything is slowing down due to the Current Corona Virus worldwide event including us here at 4ustralia.com, we have kids to support and we are having trouble making ends meet. The cost of supporting our Australian network of Town and City websites is very high, those members who do give us a try are happy with the service and to our existing customers rest asured we are not selling up in areas that have good member support we will continue to grow your service. We do need to look at liquidating some of our iconic web names such as Traralgon and if you take this offer up we trust you can give this the local focus it deserves. Having said all this if you would rather us not sell TRARALGON.CITY then we need your help.. Please login and Register a Local Business Membership, Garry Hill Mobile:0423450493 If you want to contact me for questions or feedback, Thank you

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